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You can now support Tiffany and Rori on GoFundMe!

If you feel so inclined to support us, feel free to click through to the GoFundMe page Each person who donates will have a separate small card made with their name on it which will be placed in a special box that will make the Rebelle journey with Tiffany and Rori. It’s the encouragement and support of friends and family that will drive them to the finish line!

If you have any questions about donating to the fund, please email our publicist, Carrie.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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Tiffany and Rori want to acknowledge and thank our FIRST sponsor who jumped on board with us from the very beginning. Total Chaos Fabrication is an incredible business that prides themselves on manufacturing only the highest quality handcrafted parts (suspension systems, components, and accessories).

We extend our gratitude to Nicole Pitell-Vaughan and the entire team at Total Chaos for believing in us and supporting us through this adventure. Tiffany is driving with their products on her rig which provides an extra sense of confidence and comfort knowing they can trust it will measure up to the test of the Rebelle Rally. As Nicole would say, “See ya’ in the dirt!” #totalchaosfabrication


Tiffany was introduced to Satin at the Toyota FJ Summit and shared with her about Rebelle Rally. Satin took an immediate interest with so much enthusiasm. She was wide open to a partnership and it has been nothing less than an incredible experience. Their initial line of bumper products was steel. Tiffany was worried about the weight in terms of MPG, so she asked if they had aluminum. At that moment in time, they had not designed an aluminum product for the FJ Cruiser. But Satin and Tyler jumped on it to provide a brand new front and rear bumper and rock sliders in time for the rally. They also personally installed the products on the FJ!

If you’re in the market for a quality product, exceptional customer service, and don’t mind making new friends in the process, give Pelfreybilt a call. They can help you get ready for YOUR next adventure! Oh, and the true marketing pitch would be something like this: Pelfreybilt will help you armor up for your next adventure! An automotive customization shop in El Cajon, California, they offer the highest quality bumper to bumper off-road and overland components. Their products for Tacomas, 4Runners, and FJs include armor, skid plates, sliders, racks, bumpers, suspension and off-road accessories! Shop Pelfreybilt today for the latest, greatest and gnarliest products!

Rori and Tiffany are incredibly honored to have this partnership with Pelfreybilt. They don’t typically sponsor people, but Satin has the same vision Team Roads Less Traveled does for promoting women in automotive sports and the industry. We don’t take for granted what a huge gift this is from the Pelfrey family! We hope to do you proud!

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The third sponsor for Team Roads Less Traveled is  Pro-Eagle. Chuck Foreman is our guy! As Chuck and Tiffany talked more about the Rebelle and our needs, he graciously agreed to equip us with an off-road jack. For any of you who have had a flat tire, using a jack in the first place isn’t the most fun (or easy) thing in the world. Add in the complexity of using a jack off-road and in terrain that is nothing close to solid or flat… Tiffany had her eye on one of their basic off-road jacks, but Chuck recommended an awesome upgrade!

He has equipped us with ‘The Beast’, a big wheel jack with a full skid to help keep it from sinking in the sand or dirt! What an awesome addition to our recovery gear!  

Pro Eagle Off-Road is the company that designs and manufactures quality off-road jacks. The Pro Eagle Off-Road brand is the sign of innovative design and rugged quality. Team RLT will be using ‘The Beast’, a big wheel jack, during the Rebelle Rally. Shop today at #proeaglejack

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The fourth sponsor to jump in with Team RLT is from Colorado Springs. Elite Auto Salon (EAS) has been a blast to work with! From the very first call Tiffany made to Aric, to the amazingly talented installer in Micah; the gifted (and funny) designer in Brycen; to Sam himself. Tiffany walked in the door and they instantly made her feel like part of their team. Team RLT is incredibly impressed with the organization and cleanliness of their shop. Keep in mind these are guys and gals with power tools working on projects all day every day.

What EAS did for team RLT is so much fun. Those awesome-looking decals on Tiffany’s rig? Yeah. That’s EAS. They design, print and install. (Thanks, Brycen.) My rally computer? And dashboard camera? Michah expertly installed and both work like a charm. Aric managed every detail from start to finish. EAS is Colorado Springs’ premier one-stop automotive aesthetic experience, providing ultra-high-end audio, vinyl wraps, and clear bra with exceptional customer service & unparalleled quality. EAS has two simple values: treat every single customer with the utmost respect, and deliver the highest quality possible. #eliteautosalon  @ArchitectsofFidelity


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The fifth sponsor to come on board with Team RLT are a couple of guys who come up with a super innovative product. The Deadman Earth Anchor was an answer to a question they asked: what if we could create a land anchor that wasn’t a big, heavy piece of metal and was something we could carry with us wherever we went? What they created became much more than a land anchor. The Deadman is the most versatile off-road recovery anchor on the market, capable of anchoring to just about anything Mother Earth throws your way. Lightweight and easily

The Deadman is the most versatile off-road recovery anchor on the market, capable of anchoring to just about anything Mother Earth throws your way. Lightweight and easily stowed under a seat, it’s the only recovery anchor that works around rocks, on trees, and in the ground! I had the pleasure of meeting Bryant and Daniel at my sand dune training last week. Their product is truly amazing. Visit and follow along at #deadman_offroad “Deadman Saves”