Each month leading up to the Rebelle Rally, Tiffany and Rori will answer a few questions about themselves and their preparation for the rally.

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1. What’s it like working for Rebelle Rally sponsor, Total Chaos Fabrication?

It is definitely an adventure in itself working for Total Chaos. I am going on about two and a half years and I get to go to new events and meet new people quite often.

For the most part I work 3-4 days a week with a small group of guys and two other females who make off road parts for me and friends to enjoy. It’s a pretty sweet gig. It’s a pretty cool family to work with.

2. What other interests do you have outside of offroad/4×4?

My other interests outside of off-roading consist of hiking, exploring, taking my dog Irie anywhere she can swim, doing hair, indoor rock climbing, enjoying most music, cooking, and finding any new challenge or adventure that seems exciting and mainly with my best friend/husband.

3. The Rebelle Rally is a little less than three months away? At this point, what are you doing to prepare for this year’s event?

Every weekend it is my goal to practice something I know I am good at with navigation and something I am not so familiar with. Refresh after refresh is what is going to help me get better at my job. Putting your skills to the test is the only way to improve them and to be the blood hound Tiffany knows me to be my mindset has already become Rally mode.


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1. You’re roughly three months from the 2018 Rebelle Rally. Tell us about preparations so far.

My husband and I have been hitting the trail more regularly to get my ‘feet’ back under me after having taken several months off over the winter. We tried out a new trail over the 4th of July that was incredible – and likely one of the most technical trails I’ve ever done. It felt good to be back out and ‘stretching my legs’ a bit! The FJ did great and the driver did pretty good, too!

Additionally, when you register for the Rebelle, they are great at equipping you with resources to help you train and prepare. There is an online navigation class that will walk you through the basics of compass use, plotting latitude and longitude, using a plotter and triangulation. Thank goodness this is Rori’s job because she’s incredibly gifted at it while it’s a LOT of hard work for my brain to comprehend it as good as hers does. But it’s a valuable skill for anyone to have and I’m grateful for the tools the Rebelle provides for us in preparation for the rally.

2. You’re attending Rebelle University in Ouray, Colorado this month. What is Rebelle University and what do you hope to take away from the event?

Thursday, July 19 and Friday, July 20 will be our Rebelle U training in Ouray. The two-day training will consist of navigation courses, driving/vehicle courses and a ‘gear’ class. The class will be taught by Emily Miller, founder of the Rebelle, and Nicole Pitell, owner of Total Chaos Fabrication.

Emily has been teaching these Rebelle U courses at events all over the country and even internationally. She is excellent at equipping women with the knowledge and skills they would need not only to compete in the Rebelle, but with skills they can use in everyday life.

Side note: a year ago this time was my first face-to-face meeting with Rori, so it will be our one-year anniversary! J I can’t wait to see her again and I’m certain we will pick up right where we left off…just a little less smelly and a lot more rested!

3. Do you drive your Toyota FJ Cruiser daily? Have you made any changes to the FJ since last year’s event or do you expect to before this year’s event?

For the last seven years, the FJ has been my daily driver. Recently, my husband and I got a sedan to share (better gas mileage and a bit of a smoother ride!), so I switch back and forth. While the car is nice, every time I get into the FJ it feels like ‘home’.

There are a few more minor modifications I’ll be making to the FJ this year. Orders are in and I’m just waiting on shipping! (Prinsu roof rack, DeeZee ladder, Switch-Pro main light control, etc.) I’ll work with Elite Auto Salon here in Colorado Springs to help me put on the finishing touches.

Also, Rori and I learned our lesson last year related to packing. I’ve already gone through all the equipment I had last year and have purged one entire box! You don’t know what you don’t know until you’ve experienced it. There are things I packed last year that just make me roll my eyes! I had to realize we’re not necessarily Overlanding…so I might have been a bit ambitious in 2017!